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  • Panoramahotel Huberhof das authentische Hotel mit Bauernhof in Meransen

    Panoramahotel HuberhofHotel mit Bauernhof in Meransen

    Panoramahotel HuberhofHotel con agriturismo a Maranza

    Panoramahotel HuberhofHotel with farm in Maranza

Are you looking for an original, genuine, authentically preserved traditional experience? Then we are the right choice for you. Our hotel with farm Huberhof is anything but a typical tourist business, as you will find it in many other places. We sustain our roots – and you can feel it in the atmosphere of our house: The Huberhof presents itself as a family-run farm, under which roof three generations live together.

The idyll startsat your doorstep

Here, you will live right in the heart of beautiful nature on the alpine plateau of Maranza. Our farm hotel is surrounded by lush meadows and fragrant woods, offering marvellous walking paths. Particularly for children, the forest offers an exciting experience area that promotes the development of creative play ideas and many discoveries. Small guests will also find a playground next to an idyllic natural pond. Maybe the parents would like to give us a hand with haymaking. Three cuts take place in summer – certainly also during your holiday period.

Hotel with farmA truly special ambience

An exquisite hotel with a farm like ours combines two advantages: You may enjoy the comfort and all the amenities that you expect from a modern accommodation in South Tyrol – At the same time, you may experience the very special flair of a house that has always been in close contact with the land and its people. The charming farm architecture will fascinate you, and you’ll appreciate the traditional rural style that stretches from the panoramic dining room all the way to the rooms. Here, everything is genuine, a tradition as authentic as our ancestors lived it with heart and soul. The hospitality we cultivate springs from this pristine South Tyrolean origin.

Meet ourfarm animals

Would you like to dive even deeper into life on our farm? Then you will also get to know our farm animals and take a look over our shoulders during the daily farm work. Your children will always find some easy tasks to perform. It can be very playful. For example, there are our happy free-range chickens. As a token of gratitude, they are supplying us all valuable farm products, which we make into savoury egg dishes and fresh pasta.

Discover ourfascinating horses

Unser ganzer Stolz ist die Pferdezucht – eine Leidenschaft, die auf dem Huberhof gute Tradition hat. Wir züchten Haflinger, die mit der gebirgigen Landschaft und den klimatischen Bedingungen Südtirols bestens harmonieren. Unsere Zuchtstuten werfen jedes Jahr 1-2 Fohlen. Gut möglich also, dass Sie gerade bei uns Urlaub machen, wenn es wieder so weit ist. Neben den freundlichen, genügsamen Haflingern halten wir in unserem Hotel mit Bauernhof auch Ponys. Von Mai bis November sind Ihre Kinder daher herzlich zum Ponyreiten auf dem Spielplatz eingeladen – eine schöne Gelegenheit, in den Ferien erste Erfahrungen im Sattel machen zu können!

A fun day on a farm for children

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