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Hotel with farmSouth Tyrolean farm culture & high comfort under one roof

An exquisite hotel with a farm like ours combines two advantages: You may enjoy the comfort and all the amenities that you expect from a modern accommodation in South Tyrol – At the same time, you may experience the very special flair of a house that has always been in close contact with the land and its people. The charming farm architecture will fascinate you, and you’ll appreciate the traditional rural style that stretches from the panoramic dining room all the way to the rooms. Here, everything is genuine, a tradition as authentic as our ancestors lived it with heart and soul. The hospitality we cultivate springs from this pristine South Tyrolean origin.


Hotel in Meransen – Panoramahotel Huberhof

Panoramahotel Huberhof The authentic hotel with farm in Maranza

Are you looking for an original, genuine, authentically preserved traditional experience? Then we are the right choice for you. Our hotel with farm Huberhof is anything but a typical tourist business, as you will find it in many other places. We sustain our roots – and you can feel it in the atmosphere of our house: The Huberhof presents itself as a family-run farm, under which roof three generations live together.

You’re welcome to lenda hand and ask questions

Upon request, our guest may visit our farm and actively participate in the farm and stable work. Especially children can really show what they are made of, when they are allowed to take on small tasks on their own and take responsibility. We farmers always have an open ear for the questions of your offspring. Then, after the holidays, you may tell your friends about the authentic life on a farm in South Tyrol.
Hotel mit Bauernhof | Urlaub in Südtirol

Our horses & petting zooDiscover the fascinating world of horses

Our pride and joy is horse breeding – a passion that has a long tradition at the farm Huberhof. We breed Haflinger horses, which harmonize well with the alpine landscape and the climatic conditions of South Tyrol. Besides the friendly, frugal Haflinger horses, we also keep ponies in our hotel with a farm. From May to November, your children are welcome to enjoy guided pony riding by on the playground – a great opportunity to make their first experiences in the saddle during the holidays!

Meet ourfarm animals

Volete apprendere ancor più a fondo la vita nel nostro agriturismo? In addition to our lively Haflinger horses and ponies, many snooping small animals – like our cute rabbits – await your children at the farm Huberhof. Get to know our farm animals and accompany us during our daily stable work. Your children will always find an easy way to give us a hand. The proximity to our farm animals gives your children a good idea of how the interaction between humans and animals works on a farm. It all happens in a very playful way. There are, for example, our free-range chickens, which enjoy plenty of space. As a thank you, they provide us with precious farm products, which we then process into delicious egg dishes and pasta.
Ponyreiten im Panoramahotel Huberhof

Family & Horse ridingGUIDED PONY RIDING

A new way to experience the alpine world of South Tyrol: Get in the saddle on our friendly ponies and let them carry you through the magic of nature. Pony riding offers great fun not only for children, but for the entire family and is organised twice a week.


Hotel in Meransen – Panoramahotel Huberhof

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