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Sauna experienced tailormade for personal preferences

Especially on cold days, sauna sessions are highly appreciated. They allow you to regenerate faster, to sleep with increased recovery effect and to feel great the next day. Away from noise, stress and traffic, our sauna area invites you to linger. In our sauna hotel, you will find a Finnish sauna, a Turkish steam sauna, our bio vitality sauna, our new event sauna and an infrared cabin, where you may regulate the heat as you prefer. Enjoy the invigorating infusions and subtle lighting effects and then visit one of our various relaxation rooms, where you may wonderfully unwind.

Finnish Sauna 90°C 0%

Finnische Trockensauna mit farbigen Lichteffekten

Classic, hot & crisply dry! Our Finnish dry sauna is the perfect sauna for purists. With temperatures of up to 90° Celsius and relaxing light effects, you may sweat your way to a healthy feeling.

Bio vitality Sauna 50°C 50%


Relaxed, vibrant & wonderfully gentle! With a pleasant temperature around 50° Celsius and a humidity of around 50%, our bio vitality sauna is ideal for a soothing and relaxed sauna session.

Steam Bath 45-60°C 100%

Unser Türkisches Dampfbad ist das wahrhaftige Allheilmittel

Warm, humid & super healthful! In our Turkish steam bath, you may holistically pamper body, mind and soul. This oriental sauna pleasure is considered a true panacea and offers a very special treat for your respiratory system. The temperatures are lower than in the Finnish sauna, but the 100% humidity guarantee wonderful deep relaxation.

Infrared Sauna (individually adjustable)


Targeted, beneficial & available all day long! In our infrared sauna cabin, back problems quickly become a thing of the past. The air temperature is at a comfortable 30° Celsius. A specially developed radiant heater indulges pampers your tense back muscles in a holistic and contactless manner.

Event Sauna 90°C


Different, unforgettable & fabulously relaxing! In our new event sauna, nomen est omen. Special show infusions turn this sauna session into a very special experience at about 90° Celsius. Whether a sauna enthusiast or a sauna novice, you should not miss out on this wonderfully healthy experience!

Our Sauna HotelPure pleasure in every season

If you have not been a sauna fan until now, then you have many good opportunities to revitalize your body and mind with mild heat in our sauna hotel. You love it classic & Finnish? Then our Finnish dry sauna with coloured light effects and temperatures to the 90° C is the right sauna choice for you. Our bio vitality sauna with a temperature of about 50° C and a humidity of about 50% is ideal for gentle sweating.

Our Turkish steam bath is the true panacea. The temperatures are lower than in the Finnish dry sauna, but the humidity is almost 100%, which has a particularly positive effect on the respiratory system. The infrared sauna cabin can be used all day. At approx. 30° C air temperature, your back is heated evenly and contactless with infrared radiation by a specially developed spotlight. During your stay, you will find bathrobes, sauna towels and terry slippers for your personal use in our wellness area. A real highlight is our brand new 90° C Event Sauna with show infusions – an experience that you should not miss.

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