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What do you wish for at Christmas?


About Christmas wish lists and gift-giving skills

Christmas, as generally known, is about community, togetherness and gratitude. Probably the oldest and most proven gesture for expressing that are gifts. As every year, we at the Huberhof show our gratitude to our guests also this year and have again thought of a special Christmas gift...

It should be

- multifaceted and different like our guests,

- close to nature and authentic like the Huberhof,

- exciting and intense like the moments experienced at the Huberhof,

- and of high quality like the commitment of our employees

Our gift should underline our conviction to give each other joy, well-being, relaxation and tranquility, simply time together. There are many ways to describe this gift, but what meaning it has for the recipient, we learn only at the moment of delivery. It is a gift that justifies our conviction through factors such as sustainability, regionality and effectiveness and we hope to be able to hand over a piece of joy and benefit to you as well.

The positive effects of mountain pine products of our mountain pine oil distillery "Bergila" on body and mind are known especially to our sauna lovers. Mountain pine (also known as mountain pine or mountain pine) is a coniferous tree that grows in the Alps and other mountainous regions. The essential oils extracted from the needles and branches of these trees are often used in naturopathy and aromatherapy.  For example, the essential oils of mountain pine can provide a refreshing and invigorating scent. This can help elevate mood, relieve stress, and promote mental alertness. Mountain pine products can be helpful for colds, flu and other respiratory problems. Mountain pine oil is sometimes used for massages to relieve muscle tension and reduce pain.

At the Huberhof, mountain pine products from the renowned quality distillery Bergila are not only offered as gifts for the home, they also enrich food or our beauty products: The Huberhof always focuses on local, sustainable and healthy products in order to take care of both the environment and people. The directly adjacent farm provides us with 0-kilometer products, which are integrated into our gourmet kitchen to feed guests at the Huberhof with high-quality dishes every day. Seasonally, the preparation is then refined with mountain pine products.

Also in our wellness area, the Huberhof relies on proven products, the nearby mountain pine distillery "Bergila". Through the controlled own cultivation, and taking into account biological and ecological guidelines, the products ensure not only respect for nature, but also a tested quality from harvest to consumption. Because of our trust in the producers and the effectiveness of the products, we are pleased to be able to give you a piece of Bergila.

Enjoy, taste, experience together with your loved ones this fantastic Bergila Christmas gift.

We can’t wait to welcome you soon in festive Christmas ambience at the Huberhof!


Your family Oberhammer

And the Huberhof Team