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Haflinger horses at the Huberhof


For horse whisperers and animal lovers

The Haflinger is one of the most versatile horse breeds in the world today: the breed originated in the mountains of South Tyrol and is therefore almost part of the country's cultural heritage. With their unmistakable blond mane, willingness to perform and well-built body, Haflingers are considered truly magnificent horses for shows, equestrian sports and endurance riding.

But not only today, even in the 19th century the Haflinger was considered a versatile beast of burden: whether workhorse, cart horse, pack horse or riding horse. In South Tyrol, life without these important animals was hardly imaginable for many people. Small, agile and above all sure-footed horses were in demand, especially on the Tschögglberg and in Hafling. This is how the name "Haflinger" came to be used over time, although it did not refer to the breed itself, but rather to these hard-working and versatile horses.

Their robust body and long, broad and flexible neck characterize Haflingers as elegant but also sociable and friendly animals.

The progenitor of all Haflingers (249 foals) was born exactly 150 years ago this year, which is why the anniversary is being celebrated at the Haflinger Festival this year. A special festival dedicated to the Haflinger, just like him, traditional and authentic.

Nowadays, numerous Haflinger exhibitions and competitions take place not only in South Tyrol, but also internationally.

For example, the Haflinger World Show, which is considered the world's largest breed-specific horse show, with over 700 horses from up to 20 countries. It takes place every five years, the next one in June 2025.

Gallop and trotting races, as well as many other Haflinger competitions and events, therefore have a long tradition in South Tyrol.

The Haflinger horses have been part of the Huberhof family already for more than 12 years. The Huberhof supports local Haflinger breeding events and competitions. Several times already as a sponsor and also as a participant with the farm's own Haflinger horses; a hobby that we pursue with lots of love. And the highlight: the cute foals that are born on our farm every spring. Of course, you can also see them up close. On the Huberhof farm there are also a lot of other animal friends besides the Haflingers and even more to discover...