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Huberhof Green Deal


Sustainable tourism in South-Tyrol
Everybody knows: We’re not the only ones living on our planet. Our children and grandchildren will live in a world, created by our sustainable actions and thoughts. To expand the limits of growth is crucial for solving that problem.

“Soft” tourism
At the Panoramahotel Huberhof we try to get tourism and traveling to an environment friendly extent, although being just a small piece of the whole picture. There’s a lot of questions for example about a more sustainable type our guests can travel, what’s the eco-friendliest way to travel when they want to visit South-Tyrol and how processes in the hotel can be optimized to save resources and electricity. That’s why we would like to define the single steps we want to take together, to guarantee we can still live in a world we live today with enough resources and an efficient way to save our energy.

Renewable energies
As a Wellness- and Activeness-hotel with 34 rooms and suites we already made a few steps of using solar- and photovoltaics energy as well as bringing into service a modern “BHKW” to benefit from a more efficient use of fuel. We are definitely aware of having some negative effects to the environment by offering an Infinity pool, saunas and other amenities. Despite the conviction it’s a challenge for all of us to realize the idea of a water saving, energy saving and ecologically beneficial way to travel and relax.

Living on a countryside
At the Huberhof we always have a look at our own farm and try to use as many products as possible from it but also from regional farmers instead of using lots of packaging materials, especially plastic, when receiving products. By favouring our own eggs, milk and milk-products, sometimes meat and herbs from the court garden, less products have to be ordered and transported to our hotel. We always focus on utilizing every product our farm offers.

Regarding our hotel rooms, we also aim for using sustainable methods of architecture by using renewable materials. Knowingly we relinquish on air conditioners in some of our hotel rooms. Lying at an altitude of about 1.300 metres above sea level, the Huberhof gives you the opportunity to get the freshest mountain air by just opening the window. The whole hotel construction is equipped with water saving toilet flushes und restrictors for water taps. The water for our Infinity pool goes through modern technologies to reduce the amount of fresh water which is being used.

Internal responsibilities for sustained action
Sending out offers through the Internet and making out invoices without any paper at the reception as well as using digital technologies in the kitchen and service reduce the amount of wasted paperwork and save resources. During the stay of our guests, we set the courses for an exclusively digital way of information and communication.

South-Tyrol’s way into the sustainability
If you want to arrive with public transport instead of your car, you won’t lack at mobility. It’s comfortable and causing less impact on the environment. You will be able to travel even faster except on a few traffic carried roads. Huberhof-guests can profit the whole year from a card which gives them the opportunity to use bus, train and other public transport in South-Tyrol for free.

The card also contains free entry to over 80 museums – to experience a bit of culture and discover fascinating traditions. Many hiking destinations like the “Pragser Wildsee” Lake or the UNESCO world natural heritage Dolomites even need a particular protection to make sure the nature can recover and grow in its own way. Therefore, they are often only accessible by shuttles or other public transport.

Development in the sector “Sustainable Future”
Of course, our appreciated team and we as an owner-managed family business keep up educating ourselves about sustainable tourism, always hand in hand with the newest regulations and guidelines from the provincial politics. It’s really important for us to integrate these with best conscience into our business management.

Our goal for a sustainable tourism in South Tyrol
Our motto “Huberhof Green Deal” includes the belief that luxury vacation is still possible in an eco-friendly way. We were already able to integrate some approaches into our corporation and they show: You don’t have to relinquish on comfort to have a positive effect on the environment.

Starched and relaxed thanks to the power of nature
At the Huberhof you will experience sustainable extravagance in the mountains.

We look forward to welcome you,

Your Family Oberhammer and all helping hands

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